A Primer on High Performance   1 pm - 2

Speaker: Shaun is the CEO of Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation

 March 11 2018  @ Agriplex Cloverdale

 March 10 2018  @ Agriplex Cloverdale

 April 18-19th 2018  @ Office  4.30 am to 8.00 pm


by Sandeep Mangat     

Active Persuit of Passive House First 3 pm - 4

Speakers: Melissa Higgs, Principal Architect, HCMA Architecture + Design, and Scott Groves, Manager of Civic Facilities, City of Surrey

Foundation Drainage & Moisture Problems

Foundation drainage and moisture problems can have various consequences, ranging from being a minor nuisance to resulting in serious structural damage and health issues. The causes of such moisture can be difficult to diagnose, and challenging and expensive to remediate due to access limitations and the invasive nature of some repairs. However, these problems can be prevented by incorporating best practices into the original design, construction and site grading of the building.
Syllabus: This 2-day course will cover:
 Drainage design considerations
Details and workmanship required for drainage elements
Design and installation of building enclosure systems
Maintenance of site and foundation drainage
Post construction remedial measures

Supporting Construction Site Safe 9 am -10

Speaker: Fortis BC and Kinder Morgan

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Prevention & Precaution of Residential Construction                               11 am -12

Speaker: Sandeep Mangat  an Occupational Safety Officer from Prevention Field Services with WorkSafeBC,

 March 24 2018  @ Office  8.30 am to 4.30 pm

March 9th-10th 2019 @ Agriplex Cloverdale

Saturday - Sunday  10 - 5 pm                                                                        

4th Annual Event

BC Energy Step Code Part 2    

by Rajesh Acharya      

Do It Right Safety on Job Site    11 am - 12

Speakers: FORtis BC and KInder Morgan

Modern Flat Roof insulation      1pm - 3 pm

Speakers: Rajesh Acharya

All  Seminars  are Free for every one without CPD Points

Damp Free Basement

by  Rajinder Sharma


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