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Personally, I like this event. Its good way to show people whats coming new in the market. I am satisfied with the services, arrangements and lots of customers.

Major Kang


Average but has potential, traffic had distinct EB + flow on both days (which is good). Overall satisfied.

John Reynolds

The BSIA attended the Construction Expo March 10 and 11 in Cloverdale at the Agriplex. It was a well attended event with the opportunity for our association to network with the attendees. We were able to talk to people in our industry and listen to their concerns and problems. A very worthwhile event.

Alex Taylor

We truly appreciate your effort for organising  The Construction Expo 2018 on March 10-11 2018, and we're grateful for the trust you've placed in us.
We thank you for providing platform  for expanding our business.It was a great experience for our team to learn and improvise our business.

Jagtar Uppal President

“Raman ran a high traffic, professional, and very organized event. It made showing off our products and services to the community easy!”

Chris Blom – James Hardie

Lots of Traffic - Good

Al Andersson

Excellent Show, very good response.

Sunil Joshi

March 9th-10th 2019 @ Agriplex Cloverdale

Saturday - Sunday  10 - 5 pm                                                                        

Good Networking Event ! Food provided excellent.


I was very happy with this event and the connections it brought. Really looking forward to future expos.

Kayden Lunnin

“Being a part of the Construction Expo has been a great opportunity for FortisBC to promote safe excavation to builders and developers. We thank Raman and his team for organizing this event for the people in the community and for helping us to facilitate the education seminars. We look forward to being involved again in the future.”

 -Michelle Petrusevich, Public Safety Manager, FortisBC and Chair of the BC Common Ground Education Committee.

Great Show, High Quality Customers. Setup was easy, parking awesome. Appreciated the food. More effort then most other shows we ve done. Excellent customer service.

Daniel Horth

Its a Good show, We are satisfied.

Ravon Tont