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March 9th-10th 2019 @ Agriplex Cloverdale

Saturday - Sunday  10 - 5 pm                                                                        

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It's Competitive Out There

You have nothing to lose by attending this event. We're almost certain that you will get something from this event.

Exhibitors treat each of their visitors like they're closing on a multi-million-dollar bi-level. There's no such thing as an insubstantial transaction in their eyes.

Knowledge is power and exhibition is the only place where you know latest and innovations in industry.

 Faster Through Show

With our strong business relationships with local construction industry, their exclusive products will be promoted.

Fastest way to update your knowledge on new and innovative trends in the industry by attending this two day event.

Suitable to Your Schedule

Every Deal is a BIG Deal

You Benefit From Others' Experience

Latest in Trends

Due to your busy working schedules during the weekday, we have scheduled this event on Saturday 10 to 5 pm and Sunday 10 to 4.

You Have Nothing to Lose

A great opportunity to meet the Construction Industry and establish your grounds in this competitive age.

You are meeting not only the Construction Industries decision makers,  but also all kinds of experienced and successful businessmen.

Why Attend ?